The Billy Jenkins Canon of Building Compositions

Council Offices (Sounds Like Bromley)
Benidorm Motorway Services (Scratches of Spain)
The Rust On The Screws Of The Churchill Theatre (Still Sounds Like Bromley)
McDonalds (Scratches of Spain)
Club Re-Unification (East/West)
Supermarkets (Sounds Like Bromley)
Corner Shop With Security Grills (Suburbia)
Laban Dance School Early Morning (Piano Sketches 1973-84)
Dreadnought Seaman's Hospital (Greenwich)
Meridian Council Estate - Vandalise Tourist's Prperty, Not Residents' (Greenwich)
This Room (When The Crowds Have Gone)
Down In The Deep Freeze (Blues Zero Two)
Where Did I Stay Last Night? (SAD)

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