Produced and Directed by Craig Duncan & Mat Wayne

Documentary meets irony in Virus Called The Blues. Hatred, rows, physical abuse, anarchic and inane arguments - that's the contents of this new 30 minute documentary on a week in the life of 'Billy Jenkins with the Blues Collective'.

The madness makes sense as Billy explains his upbringing, his need to write the blues about every day life in Bromley, traffic jams, dog hating and better street lighting to list but a few.

Bass player Thad Kelly disputes the need for the bandleader to talk over his bass solos, to which Billy makes a mental note to, in that case, ban any further bass solos.

Backstage tension mounts as drummer Mike challenges Bills attitude when doing the song "I Hate Dogs" "How can you be in a band about hating dogs, if you don't hate dogs??" Bill asks.

The human mind is as much entertained by discomforting situations as it is by humorous ones - or at least this is what programme makers Craig Duncan & Mat Wayne think.

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"The idea behind the programme is to include the 'documentary' itself in Billy's act - shifting from the 'live' audience to the 'viewing' audience, and from philosophical analysis of his act to 'actual act'. The cameras follow this volatile band in their daily routine and uncover how a struggling group of musicians can bring the characters of their live act onstage - offstage."
- Craig Duncan, Producer

A mixture of music, irony, comedy, interview and documentary. The viewer is left with a clear idea of what Billy Jenkins is about. Humour is use on stage to communicate the music - just as it is in the documentary to relay a profile of Billy's private and professional life. Watching the documentary is an insular thing - there is no group around you to assure you that the performance you are watching is not real. But, of course it is.

Virus was pitched at Channel 4 Television's Independent Documentary department, but remains unbroadcast.

See BJ Webzine work in progress report from Autumn 2001 on the origins of the project.
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