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Runtime; 41 minutes

 3 Quick Time Clips
up for download here

 Billy Jenkins sings, shouts, plays guitar & harmonica
with Dylan Bates (violin) Richard Bolton (guitar)
Thaddeus Kelly (bass) Mike Pickering (drumkit)

'Satirical, savage, hilarious and terrifying...' John Fordham / The Guardian
'The wayward master of the woebegone.' Rob Adams / Glasgow Herald

  1. The Duke And Me
  2. I'm Happy
  3. This Is A Day To Forget
  4. White Van Man
  5. I'm Staying In The Car
  6. There Is No Lord Up There
  7. Thaddeus' bass solo
  8. Jazz Had A Baby (and they called in avant garde..) 

Blues Al Fresco DVD - 9.99

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