Familiar Faces?
Think you might have seen them on telly somewhere? Think again.

Many a faceless muso ends up in a santa suit in the traditionally thin festive season.
Not the Blues Collective. The Webzine checked the ads in the back-pages of The Stage to see how the boys are pitching themselves in the lucrative lookalike market this year.

Dylan Bates

Prince Harry
Jean Jacques Burnel

Homer Simpson
President Gerald Ford
Alfred Hitchcock
Queen Victoria
Uncle Fester
Arthur Lowe (Captain Mainwaring)

Richard Bolton

Mike Pickering

Andre Agassi
Vladimir Putin

Michael Schumacher
David Batty
Gerry Sadowitz

Thad Kelly

Billy Jenkins

Albert Finney
Robert Smith
Slobodan Milosovic
Stan Laurel
Roy Hudd

See also What is he Like, the Webzine's collection of people BJ has been compared with in the papers.
Eg. 'Looking like a dishevelled cross between Freddie Starr and Father Jack'
 - Wakefield Express 8.1.02

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