SUBURBIA - Fact & Detail
Billy Jenkins with the Voice of the People

Upon which Billy spams up several dozen 'musical neighbours' and produces what he says is the last in the line of socio-demographical aural impressions, after 'Sounds like Bromley' (1981), 'Greenwich' (1985), and 'Still Sounds like Bromley' (1997).

What music has he written for us this time?

The tracklisting is:-
  1. Pointless Adornments 3:44
  2. Hello, I'm your Next-Door Neighbour 4:12
  3. The Perfect Lawn 5:41
  4. The Unknown Car across your Drive 5:20
  5. Corner Shop with Security Grills 6:48
  6. Coke Cans in yer Garden 3:45
  7. Silence Stalks the Sleeping Streets 8:26
  8. Surburbia (A Place to Come from) 5:37

Mmmmm ... certainly sounds like suburbia!

Who is playing on it?
Billy Jenkins - guitar + voice; Mark Lockheart - saxophones;
Dave Ramm -keyboards; Steve Watts - double bass; Martin France and Roy Dodds - drums;
with The Fun Horns of Berlin, a string quartet, screaming kids, a theramin, lawn mowers,
a washing machine, car alarms, the kitchen sink and many other people and things...

Who played 'Suburbia' live?

Billy called this unit his 'Classical Collective'
"repeating ourselves just like jazzers in the last century (sic)"
with Billy playing not too much guitar, singing a bit,
but mostly waving his arms at a star soloist, like ...

MARK LOCKHEART (tenor saxophone & stuff
GAIL BRAND (trombone)
DYLAN BATES (violin)
RICHARD BOLTON (guitar & 'cello)
DAVE RAMM (keyboards)
STEVE WATTS (double & electric bass)
ROY DODDS & MARTIN FRANCE (drums & percussion)

That makes a nine-piece band in all.

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