The first of two
Blues Collective
CD releases in 2002


Life - a tricky subject.

BJ addresses this one by tweaking the Blues Collective A-team
and adding shades of VOGC format madness.

unleashing a soundwall of Secular Gospel
- with dear friends

Billy Jenkins
with the Blues Collective

 VOTP Records
VOCD 023

    Added to five new BJ songs are two golden oldies from the '30s and the '50s. 
  1. I Wanna Be Connected 
  2. First Day In Hell 
  3. My Waters Run Clear 
  4. There Is No Lord Up There 
  5. Blues Stay Away From Me 
  6. I Ain't Going Yet 
  7. Bye Bye Blues 

Such was the complexity of addressing such a wide subject matter, Billy utilised no less than ELEVEN (!) consultants, even including an unconscious one!

 Musician and recording engineer Jon Franchi was in a coma from a terrible bike accident when sent mixes for his approval. The ruse was simple. If Jon came round, the mixes were fine. If he remained comatose - re-mix until lucid.

We are very happy to announce that:

    a) Jon is slowly on his way to recovery
    b) 'LIFE' is definitely a life-enhancing record!


Those who came to the Blues Power season at the Blue Elephant Theatre during August of 2001 will recognise '....Connected' as the opening assault. Some of those who attended will actually hear themselves on 'First Day in Hell', which is actually a live recording from the same series.

The initial recordings took place at the end of 2000 and have been in development since.

'LIFE' was recorded by Gary J. Brady at Escapade Studios in Greenwich,
Mixed by Tony Messenger
and the packaging put together by Nick Corker
 - the same team that brought you < >.

Available NOW at 

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