From the Skull Man of the Skull Clan
aka the protagonist of the (near legendary/notorious) Dispossessed
(history or what?)

 The lack of the tube and, until relatively recent times, any kind of decent transport infrastructure of any description meant restricted access for people locally to central London gigs and events (especially if you actually wanted to get home the same night). This lack of access to readily consumable entertainment effectively forced people to look to their own devices (and vices) to create their own. However the recent expansion in available public transport options has not seemed to have been a significant factor in dampening the cultural fever that South-East London seems to be permanently infected with. It was DJ culture if anything that curtailed something of the live music scene. However, S.E. London has generated more than its fair share of cutting-edge DJ's and multitudinous clubs of varying descriptions (and varying degrees of legality) and recently there has been something of a 'revival' of the live music scene in the area. And there is a growing fusion of these media (and other media in the new multimedia world in which we exist). So how come?

I postulate it's got something to do with some of the ancient and mystic power sites buried under various parts of South London, from the Ancient St.Bridget Stones (now Brixton) and the hill of Herne the Hunter out to St.Kits Cotty and Coldrum in
Deepest Darkest Maidstone.


Kosmicandy adds ...

 Not to mention the Harrow - Yorkshire line (Woodall, Sheffield to Harrow Hill) and the St.Michael line running through S.E.London, connecting Norfolk, Glasto and Cornwall, effectively channeling chi energies in and out of the area by pulse-rhythms to the exact algorithm of the human heart-beat beat beat beat.


 From Speedy Phil

 Culture is remarkably cutting edge in Saaarrf Eeeeast Lundun because
there is fuck all else to do!


 From Kirin Panch

One of the reasons why the quality and quantity of South East London musical culture has been on such a boundary breaking level is because the artists have largely escaped their egos becoming polluted by the kind of mass media attention that seems to be the rule of thumb in the West End and North West London. As a consequence of this the claws of capitalism have mostly missed the fluffy little bunnies and their underground autonomy in and around the psychedelic warrens of SAAARF EEEEEST Lundun !!!

Yours Milligramatically

Mr C High of Sunsnake & Lord Snooty Divorced

 From Paul Weir (Phobia Promotions)

Because of chalk.
That's why the underground went no further than Waterloo.
There's no tube. In the South-East kindred musical spirits mix and gel.
I've lived all over town and there is no breeding ground for bands elsewhere in London. You might go out to see a band, but down here you're more likely to be in one. South-East London is a community in itself in isolation from the rest of London.
They're not really Londoners, people go to each others houses, be it a flat or a squat, there's community. Look at the Crossfields Festival (Dire Straits, Squeeze ...)
Would you find a Fordham Park in North London?
People in South-East London find time to communicate with other people.
They're non-pretentious bastards.
It's community spirit.


 From "Bartlebooth"

...And of course SE London is Heaven.



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