When, about the end of the last century, Ed started the Billy Webzine, visitors were invited to respond to some of the musician's polemics. Richard Russell offered his observations too.

JAZZ on TV - Is it possible?
Craig Duncan worked on and defends BBC2's Jazz 606.
BJ appeared on it and has a go.

 Survival of the Faeces
(a brief overview of current arts funding issues on our island)
by Richard Russell

 Food Fight
Yorkshire Puddings flew when the Blues Collective dared to play Wakefield. 

Arts Administrators
If they were to achieve what they are being paid to do they would have no job ... 

South-East London - Something in the water?
How come the capital's unfashionable quarter produces so much music? 

Punk - the Precursor of Pap

 Billy Gobs Back 

Visual v. Aural Art
"I can't smash it up - it's a 'work of art.'
It's irreplaceable. "

See Vox Pop for a compilation of replies.

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