Pupils from Plumcroft Primary School (London SE18) were among the audience for a Suburbia tour matinee at Blackheath Halls on February 4th 2000. They drew verdicts and drawings. Thanks to Ian Long, class teacher, music co-ordinator and ex-You Pesky Kids (Wood Wharf circa 1988).



Kevin O'Connell

Stephen Russell

"Billy Jenkins was really good at the giutar and was really funny and exciting. He could play really good tunes. My favourite bits was coke cans in your garden and I really liked pointless adornments. and I really liked the other one called They built a ring-road in my garden. Billy Jenkins plays the giutar, the saxethone man was called Mark Lockharts. Gale Brown played the trumbone. I also play the guitar. The background in the Band was very amuesen. I liked the wind pipe two drumers was very good."

 from Kevin O'Connell

"I found Billy Jenkins very funny and very creative with his work and had quite a wide variety of musical instruments. I liked the way Billy got his audience involved with the performance. I really loved the solos and the background it was really good."

by Stephen Russell 

"Billy Jenkins was a loud man and a bit funny when you understand what he was talking about. 
Billy and his band had fantastic music not to mention the words. He didn't want to waste time from the start and had a good idea with the claps and OH Yeah! My favourite song was the Unknown Car across your Drive.
I liked it because the music was brilliant and some were funny and it was like a rehearsal." 

- Rebecca Filkins


Rebecca Filkins


I thought that Billy Jenkins and his band was very good because it had some funny bits and he had some good songs. He said some bad jokes. He also sang a song called coka cans on your garden. I would go there again because its really good. And he made us shout and clap are hands. The drummer was really good he did some brush work.

 - Kelsey

I really liked watching Billy Jenkins and his band it was excellent. I liked all the songs but my favourite is coke cans in the garden it was good and funny. Billy Jenkins is really good at the guitar. H e could play really good tunes. I liked the song Suburbia. I liked the woman because when she was not playing she was still dancing. I liked the men on the drums they were really good. but my favourite instrument was the soprano sax the man that was playing the soprano was very good at playing the normal sax and he is good at playing the soprano

- Chris Davey


Hi Billy Jenkins
Your songs are really good all of them,
but before I thought the beginning was a bit boring,
it was funny when another musician pretened to fix things 
and was pretending to be Bexley council. 
The song I liked best was coke cans in your garden, the song after that was serberbia
those were the last songs before them were unnon car at the bottom of your drive,
he played the blues and when he claps his hands we all have to clap to.

 - Yousef

   What I like about the experience yesterday afternoon was when the man played the barbie hairdryer and when he was sitting down and the way he got up again.
There was 7 people in the band. They played about 10 songs and 1 was called coke cans in the garden.

 - Zoe Garret


Zoe Garrett

Billy Jenkins was funny, mad and made songs about where he came from. He played Jazz and blues.
I thought it was very good and I enjoyed it very much. I liked where he used the Barbie hairdrier.

 - Jerry


Billy Jenkins was funny and Loony. He made song about where he lived. I liked it when he clapped his hands and told us to clap our hands and also when he shouted out "Coke cans in your garden" then we had to do it as well. Thank-you for letting us come and watch

from Emma

Billy Jenkins was funny and it was exciting. Billy Jenkins was mad he clapped his hands then we had to do it. Then he said "oh yeh" then we had to say it. I thought it was brilliant especially The song coke cans in your garden and then we had to shout it out loud. There was a variety of instraments. There was a saxophone, two sets of drums a electric guitar and a electric violin a Soprano Saxophone and there was a trombone and a double bass as well, There names were Mark Steve dave and gall.


Rebecca Filkins

Gurminder Chana

Dear Billy Jenkins
I think you have good, funky and mad music.
I must say you was very wierd and funny. I think you acted very well.
Your songs were so funny. Can I ask you how long does it take to come up with a song? I enjoyed the whole piece of music
With your music and songs it made me laugh all through and I was going crazy.
Do you make up the music as you go along or do you pick up different tunes? I would also like to say that I hope you'll be successful in the future to come and again the production was brilliant.

 Your Sincerely, Gurminder Chana

I think it was worth going because it was crazy and fun. Billy went bizarre. My favoutite bit is when Dave was pretending to drill stuff and Billy told bad jokes. My favourite song is suburbia and coke cans in your garden. Billy's hair went everywhere and I really enjoyed it
Thank you for an exciting show

 by Zanib 


Jade Davis

To Billy
I think it was good and your band was good to. My best song was Suburbia. But I like all the other songs to

 love from Jade Davis 

Billy Jenkins - wierd or what
I liked the concert but the thing I did not understand was some part in the song but some of the song were OK and he sood do more concert and more song.

 -Rahel Vadukal

Rahel Vadukal


I enjoyed the concert bit I thought it was a bit wierd, with They Built A Ring Road in my Garden and the lawnmower Song. I'm not complaining about them but I just didn't understand it. The unknow car at the bottom of my drive was my favourite because it made me think of a car with strangers in it. In the end I enjoyed it and I would go again.

 - Anon 

I liked it when Billy Jenkins was playing his guitar. He played it like a rocker but he was calm while playing it like that way.
I also like the saxophone player; he played calm and cool which is the way I play my saxophone (alto saxophone). It was nice when the keyboard player was playing the keyboard. When you were playing you were all acting as if it was all just practice. Billy you arn't a bad joker. I liked it when we had to clap, shout and sing,

 by Yemi

I really lilked it. It was wierd, strange and I couldent realy understand it. I really liked some of the songs like Pointless Adorments and cock cans in your garden and suburbia. I liked a lot of the instruments especially when they done solos liked keyboards, the double bass an soprano sax




I think that Billy Jenkins and his band was excellent especially at the beginning. My favourite song is 'Hello! I'm your new next door neighbour!' I would go again if I was asked. Billy Jenkins was very funny when he keep shouting out (oh yeah!)

 by BillieJo Meager

I think Bill Jenkins looked like a cross between a mad professor and an old fogey with a

Bill how many shows do you do of what we were shown? And do you star in any Other shows?
Some of the music I am used to because of my granparents. And I've never seen anything like it. It was brilliant!!!
Billy I love your barbie hair dryer!
The band was really good and the fake blackheath hall person with the drill put me in fits of giggles
I enjoyed it very much
and a extra !Thankyou to Next door Neighbour

 From Holly Manley 

Holly Manley

Holly Manley

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