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Visual v. Aural Art

Am I missing the point? Why compare visual art with music? Is there a contest? Musicians always have lots of friends. I can't play a note. Too late I've struggled limply towards a musical vein (singing). I need a visual means for expression because in the non-musical world I move in everyone tells me to shut up.

 Let me out! Well Okay, they say, you're allowed to see Billy Jenkins (best thing I've seen for years) whatever it is you're rattling on about is all a bit visual if you ask me (I'm looking at a printed page). When you play you make more sense. I wish you lived next door, though.

 Lyn Wait (North Yorkshire)

This is a non debate.
There is no God - now that Eric Cantana no longer plays football. And I put it to you, Billy, that there is more artistry in sport than any of you two bit painters and strummers.

   James Smith

Hang about. Sound and god may have invisibility in common but the former can at least be quantified. If the voice of god is the voice of the people then the whisperers in folk's ears must be angels or saints, which beatifies every journalist on the planet. You may as well blame photographers for bad news.

Des Pond

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