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Steve Arguelles
Top tapper on 'Scratches' &  'Motorway'. Even found time to design the 'Greenwich' front sleeve. Runs Paris based Plush record label.
Iain Ballamy
Occasional VOTP vice-captain, saxophonist and composer. Features sound-clips from 'ACME' - the new CD.
Django Bates
Piano, keyboards, tenor horn.
Won the Danish International Jazzpar prize in 1996.
Played on Scratches of Spain, Motorway at Night, and 
Still Sounds like Bromley
Steve Berry
1st call double bassist and cellist 1984-88 excelling on vinyl 'Beyond E Major' and especially the two vinyl releases available here on the Webzine - 'Greenwich' and 'Motorway at Night'. 
Richard Bolton
Vital Blues Collective rhythm guitarist, whose own Richard Bolton Group has an interesting CD available entitled 'ballads 'n' funk' on Big Chain Records.
Sarah Gail Brand
Frightening trombonist who created a huge stir on the 2000 UK 'Suburbia' tour.
Martin France
Drums. VOG globe-trotter.
The Fun Horns
As in East & West. + English
Charlie Hart 
Violin, double bass and astonishing CV.
Thad Kelly - The Partisans
Home of the Blues Collective's bass players' regular gang of left field hardcore players. Crazy guy - crazy band.
Mark Lockheart
Long time VOGC centre forward saxophonist who served a decade - hear him in 1988 on 'Motorway At Night', then ten years later on 'Suburbia'!
Steve Morrison / Blues Abuse
South East London blues stalwart, now BJ's other half in Here is the Blues
Martin Speake
Alto sensation for whom BJ composed 'Entertainment USA.' 



The Babel Label
BJ CD's are part of the fabled Babel Label stable.
Beowulf Mayfield
Champion performance poet, saxophonist and champion of all things Spazzerly, has amongst his site the poem 'Guitar' by Mr.J. - as previously published in 'Unknown Public'.
The Shed
"The best venue in Britain" - David Thomas. Yorkshire Pudding boat-race mecca.

LINKS to other sites with Billy Jenkins content.

Dave Kenningham photo's
Early 1974 Burlesque + recent blues pics from the Eltham Folkmob stalwart. 

New Statesman feature - 31st January 2000
The Back Half by Richard Cook
"We can't boast many inventors, let alone innovators, in music, but we can lay claim to the creator of an entire area of modern sound: kitchen-sink jazz. Its progenitor is Billy Jenkins..."

Summertime Blues season
Guardian Review of gig #2 - 5/8/00 

Billy Jenkins/John Etheridge Blues Bust-up 2000
@ The Vortex, London, December 1999.
The Guardian review
Rating: **** 
by John Fordham 

Stewart Lee in depth review and interview for True Love Collection
Sunday Times, May 31, 1998

 Iran v. U.S.A.
report by Ben Watson on the classic one-off footie impro from 1998 originally posted in the Babel label's online Diverse News, Issue 10. 

Billy on Youtube
Quite a few clips of the reluctant performer to enjoy!

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