T&J attempt to recreate Pink Floyd's iconic
'Ummagumma' back cover...

Do you remember The Fantastic Trimmer & Jenkins? 


Could be described as 'alternative musical comedy'.

Typical double act - Trimmer the sophisticate on saxophone and lead vocals, Jenkins the fall guy on
scrambled electric guitar and vocal harmony.

Self described as 'Lenny Bruce meets John Coltrane meets Flanders & Swann on acid'.


The glamour!T&J get a puncture on a wet day in busy London town...

Over 500 performances inc. Reading Rock Festival, Milton Keynes Rock At The Bowl, Rock On The Tyne. Residencies inc. Marquee Club, Downstairs At The Star & Garter, Putney and The Cock, Fulham. Became musical act for The Comic Strip at the Boulevard Theatre W1, where an album 'The Fantastic Trimmer & Jenkins Live From London's Fabulous Comic Strip' was recorded for Charisma Records.

Two lovely photographs taken by Stephen Parker at the Star & Garter, Putney.
A regular residency run by the wonderful Bill Knox

Launched the 'Rock Against Rock' campaign with endorsement from the British Safety Council and sponsored by the ecology magazine 'Vole'.

Invited to House of Lords by Lord Brockway to discuss use of their anti-nuclear song 'Times Are B.A.D' as an anthem for CND.
Negotiations terminated with Brockway concluding T & J were 'taking the mick' [absolutely] but offering the dynamic duo a 50 gig at a CND Rally in Hyde Park. [An o.k. result].

'Times Are B.A.D.' the single meanwhile was sent to 500 world leaders in the hope that 'the twelve minutes it'll take for you to listen to both sides of this record will accord the rest of the world twelve minutes longer to live'. (The flip side was called "A Is For Action, Man", and consisted of nine minutes of T & J, who were dressed up as Wolfie Smith and Donavan, singing an inane protest song on the streets of central London whilst producer Martin Lewis asked passersby whether the song was good enough to stop nuclear war. Police eventually and thankfully shut the strolling minstrels up in Trafalgar Square.)

An earlier single 'I Love Parties'(a paean to hangovers) aptly received regular airplay on Annie Nightingale's Sunday Afternoon BBC Radio 1 show.

BJ has in the past called T & J his 'verbals and visuals' period.




Look out in boot fairs and jumble sales for the following long deleted T&J album and singles:

'The Fantastic Trimmer & Jenkins Live From London's Fabulous Comic Strip' - Charisma CLASS 10

'I Love Parties' c/w 'Thank You Lord' - Charisma CB349

'Times Are B.A.D.' c/w 'A Is For Action, Man'- Charisma CB362

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