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Billy Jenkins
Curriculum Vitae

The Fantastic Trimmer and Jenkins
The Voice of God Collective
Big Fights!
Blues Collective
True Love Collective
Voice of the People
Belgium Blues Collective
Here Is The Blues!
Music with Film

Music with Words
Compositions & Selected Works
Selected Solo Concerts
Selected Festivals
Other Musical Activities
Projects as sidesman
As session guitarist
Education work
Some thoughts
Own Radio Shows
Selected Radio & TV
Selected Interviews & Features

Born: Charles William Jenkins
Known as: Billy Jenkins
Place of birth: Bromley, Kent, U.K.
Date of birth: 5th July 1956
Main instrument: Guitar

Musical training:

Elementary tuition under Elinor M. Isard LRAM age 9-11.
Also basic piano (under Beth Cockett) & viola (under Leonard Davis) age 11-12.
Chorister at Bromley Parish Church under Michael Baily FRCO,ARCM age 10-12.
Also occasional invited choirs at Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral.
Self taught on guitar from age 12.
Performed in local church halls, USAF Bases in East Anglia, riverside pubs, local colleges and clubs under various names 1970-72.

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Professional Career (Own projects) :


1972-77. Popular jazz-art-rock band. Over 700 performances in U.K., Eire, Finland, Germany & Holland. London residencies inc. The Speakeasy, The Marquee, The Nashville & The Tramshed. Legendary record label boss Clive Davis flew over from the States especially to sign Billy and Burleque to Arista Records.

'Acupuncture' 1977 Arista Records ARTY 151 LP

'Burlesque' 1977 Arista Records SPARTY 1028 LP

'Acupuncture' 1977 Arista Records ARISTA 87 45


The Fantastic Trimmer and Jenkins

1979-82. A 'free jazz & jokes' alternative musical comedy duo with Burlesque co-leader & saxophonist Ian Trimmer. Over 500 performances inc. Reading Rock Festival, Rock On The Tyne, The Comic Strip and London residencies inc. Marquee Club, Star & Garter, Putney; The Cock, Fulham and The Cartoon, Croydon. 

'I Love Parties' 1979 Charisma CB349 45

'Times Are B.A.D.' 1980 Charisma CB362 45

'Live From London's Fabulous Comic Strip' 1981 Charisma CLASS10 LP

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The Voice of God Collective

1981-97. 'The Voice of The People is the Voice of God - and the religion is music'. Sporadic performances in jazz clubs and festivals in U.K., Austria, Germany, Belgium,Hungary, Holland, Finland, Canada, France - esp. first four countries. London residences inc. Thames Poly, South Bank Uni, Jazz Café, The Vortex. Run on squad system. 
Regular collaborators have inc. Iain Ballamy(sax), Steve Watts(db), Mark Lockheart(sax), Mark Ramsden(sax), Martin France(drm), Roy Dodds(drm), Django Bates(kbd), Steve Argüelles(drm), Dave Ramm(kbd), Thad Kelly(db), Mike Pickering(drm), Huw Warren (pno), Martin Speake(sax), Steve Berry(db), The Funhorns of Berlin - Volker Schlott (sax), Thomas Klemm (sax), Rainer Brennecke (tpt) & Jörg Huke (tbne) etc.

'Sounds Like Bromley' 1981 Plymouth Sounds LBB1 LP

'Piano Sketches 1973-84' 1984 Wood Wharf Records WWR841 LP

'Beyond E Major' 1985 Allmusic Records ALMS1 LP

'Greenwich' 1985 Wood Wharf Records WWR852 LP

'Uncommerciality Vol.1' 1986 VOTP VOCA912 MC

'Scratches of Spain' 1987 Babel BDV9404 CD

'In The Nude' 1988 West Wind/ITM WW010 CD

'Motorway At Night' 1988 DCM DCM108 LP

'Wiesen '87' 1990 VOTP VOCA901 MC

'Jazz Café Concerts Vol.1 1990 VOTP VOCA902 MC

'Jazz Café Concerts Vol.2 1990 VOTP VOCA903 MC

'Round Midnight Cowboy' 1990 VOTP VOCA905 MC

'Uncommerciality Vol.2' 1992 VOTP VOCA913 MC

'Uncommerciality Vol.3' 1992 VOTP VOCA914 MC

'Actual Reality - Music For Two Cassette Machines

'First Aural Art Exhibition' 1992 VOTP VOCD 921 CD

'Entertainment USA' 1994 Babel BDV 9401 CD

'Mayfest '94' 1995 Babel BDV 9501 CD

'East And West Now Wear The Same Vest'
1996 Babel BDV 9601 CD

'Still Sounds Like Bromley' 1997 Babel BDV 9717 CD

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Big Fights!

1990 - date. Improvised musical boxing matches complete with referee, boxing ring and timekeeper. Live premiere Crawley Outside In Festival Sept. '91. Performance inc. Wiesen Int. Jazz Fest, Linz (Austria), Berlin, Gent, Nottingham, Marsden, Manchester, Chester, Rostock, Monmouth, Vortex Big Fight seasons & Dublin.

Fellow fighters have inc. Roberto Bellatalla, Thebi Lipere, Elton Dean, Steve Noble, Steve Argüelles, Lol Coxhill, Michel Massot, Deirdrie Cartwright, Alex Maguire, Gail Brand, Paul Rutherford, Mark Sanders, Louis Colan, Alan Tomlinson, Michael Buckley, Mike Nielsen, Karl Ronan, Steve Beresford, Gary Curzon, Liam Genockey, Claude Deppa, Alan Wilkinson, John Edwards, Jim Dvorak, Pat Thomas, Simon Picard, Orphy Robinson, Rod 'Room Darkener' Mason, Dave Ramm, Martin Speake, Ken Marley, Martin 'Mad Dog' Jones, Lyndon Owen, Dave Stapleton, Simon Pugsley, Paul Hession a.o.

'Big Fights No.1'  Jenkins v. Steve Argüelles  1991 VOTP VOCA908 MC

'Big Fights No.2'  Jenkins v. Steve Noble  1991 VOTP VOCA909 MC

'Big Fights No.3'  Jenkins v. Thebe  Lipere  1991 VOTP VOCA910 MC

Blues Collective

1995 - date. Either a 'return to his roots' or a mid life crisis. Occasional live performances in Austria, Germany, Ireland, Portugal and U.K. inc. Jazz Services tour winter '97 and since '96 a regular seasons during January and August at The Vortex, London N16. Three summer seasons at Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell, London SE5 2000 - 02 . 
12 date 'Blues Zero Two' Jazz Services tour of England Autumn '02.
Personnel - Rick Bolton (gtr), Dylan Bates (vln), Thad Kelly (bass), Mike Pickering (drm). 
Other contr. inc. Nigel Price (gtr), Phil Robson (gtr), Doug Boyle (gtr), Jason Yarde (sax), Whispering Gerry Tigue (Hrmca), Steve Watts (bass), Roy Dodds, Mark Sanders (drm).

'S.A.D.'  1997 Babel  BDV 9615 CD

'sadtimes.co.uk'  2000  VOTP VOCA 002 CD

'LIFE'  2002  VOTP VOCA 023


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True Love Collective

1996 - 2001. Live premiere at QEH as part of the Unknown Public Day Out September 1996. "Invocations and improvisations on pop covers from the '60's and '70's. Or, to put another way, free improvisation and pop songs. Simultaneously." Performances also in Birmingham, Leicester, Leeds, Frankfurt, Blackheath, Brawby & Vortex, London. Personnel inc. Iain Ballamy (sax), Django Bates (kbd), Dave Ramm (kbd), Steve Watts (db), Mike Pickering (drm), Martin France (drm). They are joined on record by Christine Tobin (voc).

'True Love Collection' 1998 Babel BDV 9821 CD


Voice of the People

1998 - date. Taking over where the VOGC left off, keeping the same personnel but unashamedly reworking VOGC music. "By repeating ourselves and looking back we'll be just like nearly every other jazz band these days!" Received National Lottery A4E funds to record 'Suburbia' and implement new 'brand name'. UK tour and BBC R3 concert broadcast early 2000 with nine piece band.

'Suburbia' 2000 Babel BDV 9926 CD

Belgium Blues Collective

2003 - 2004. Belgium based blues ensemble co-led with Antwerp guitarist Mark Somers. Performances in Brugge, Leuven, Gent, Antwerp, Brussels, Groningen and elsewhere.

Personnel inc. Bert Embrechts or Thad Kelly (bass), Cesar Jansens or Marc Descamps (drms) Pieter van Bogaert or Niels Verheest ( organ) and Sam Volmanns (tpt).


Here Is The Blues!

2004 - 2010. Guitar duo with bluesmeister Steve Morrison. Selected performances inc. Oliver's, Greenwich; Brooks Blues Bar, Oval Tavern, Croydon; Catford Broadway Studio Theatre, summer season 2005 at Blue Elephant Theatre, Camberwell, London SE5; two Vortex Chess Sessions, London N16 in 2007; Festival de Blues da Guarda and also Festival Internacional de Blues De Coimbra in Portugal 2008.


Music with Film

1990 - date. Improvisations to film with The Shakedown Club and filmmaker David Leister's Kino Club inc. Kino Club Nights London SE1, Purcell Rooms, I.C.A., Lux Cinema, Leeds Intermix 04 a.o.

Also directed music for silent comedy & cartoon classics Camden Parkway Cinema '91-'92; 
Buster Keaton at Derby Metro '96
USA v. Iran live football '98 
Norman McLaren & Keaton (score by Huw Warren) & Lara Croft/Tombraider Birmingham MAC '98; 
Buster Keaton at The Shed, N.Yorkshire '00 - '01
Keaton/Warren NW England Autumn '03
Silent Film Night w. Matthew Bourne, Joanna Macgregor
& Jan Kopinski FUSELeeds '04

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Music with Words

Bath Literary Festival 'Entertainment USA' w. Nick Moore, Mick Gower a.o. '95, 'Station 2 Station' w. Simon Ings & Nick Royle '96, 'Bad Luck And Trouble' w. Kate Pullinger '97.

Also Swansea Literary Fest. 'Entertainment USA' w. Nick Moore '95.

'Flesh Guitar' by Geoff Nicolson 'Mixing It' BBC R3 11.05.98

Performances with writer Ben Watson London '98

Live at The Shed, N.Yorkshire w. Ian McMillan '01

HAT w. Ian McMillan, Andy Diagram & Angie Harrison, York, Newcastle, Halifax, Union Chapel & V&A Museum London '01- date.

Edgar Allan Poe with CJO, Liverpool, Halloween '03.

CD 'What Jazz Can Do For Your Life' (Waterline Music Splash 13) Jazz Circus with Jazzman John Clarke 2009

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Over 350 works registered with the Performing Right Society and the MCPS since 1972. Most pieces 1972-82 co-composed with Ian Trimmer. Other occasional co-writers have included Iain Ballamy, Huw Warren, Django Bates, Steve Noble, Roberto Bellatalla & Kit Packham.

Selected works:

2nd April '78 A Cup Of Tea 
Actual Reality (Music For Two Cassette Machines)
Ain't Gonna Sing And Play No Jazz No More 
An Empty River
Arrival of the Tourists
Benidorm Motorway Services 
Big Fights 
Bilbao/St. Columbus Day
Black Magic 
Blues Is Calling Me
Blues Zero Two 
Carl Stalling Meets The Fall 
Charles Manson 
Clapham, King's Cross, Lockerbie, Zeebrugge 
               (Music For Proper Cello And Two Crap Pianos) 
Cliff Richard Spoke To Me 
Club Re-Unification 
Coke Cans In Your Garden
Cooking Oil
Corner Shop With Security Grill
Council Offices 
Country and Western
Dancing In Ornette Coleman’s Head
Discoboats At 2 o’Clock
Donkey Droppings 
Doris Day
Down In The Deep Freeze 
Dreadnought Seaman’s Hospital
Dressing Up For Church 
Elvis Presley 
Expensive Equipment 
Get The Poison Out 
Girl Getting Knocked Over
Gonna Throw Them Blues In The Recycling Bin 
Greenwich One Way System 
Growing Up In Bromley
Hat (Music For Viola, Guitar & Sampled Cornet) 
Heavy Metal 
Hello, I’m Your Next Door Neighbour
High Street/Part Pedestrianised 
High Street/Saturday 
I Like Rain
I Love Your Smell 
Isn’t It A Great World We Live In
I Wanna Be Connected 
I Want My Tea 
Jazz Had A Baby (And They Called It Avant Garde) 
Jenny Slade Meets Robert Johnson 
Johnny Cash 
Laban Dance School Early Morning 
Like John Lee Said 
Marching Into Middle Age
Margaret’s Menstrual Problem 
Meridian Council Estate (Vandalise Tourists’ Property, Not Residents’)
Monkey Men 
Motorway At Night 
My Waters Run Clear
Old Men In Flairs
Oliver North 
Pissed Off Boy 
Pointless Adornments 
Rock and Roll
Ronald Reagan 
Sade's Lips 
Silence Stalks The Sleeping Streets 
Slimming Advert 
Spastics Dancing 
Suburbia (A Place To Come From) 
Sunday Morning
Tall Straight Back Chair 
The Blues 
The Blues Prayer 
The Drum Machine Plays The Battlemarch Of Consumerism 
               (Music For Six Drumkits) 
The Duke And Me 
The Perfect Lawn 
The Rust On The Screws Of The Churchill Theatre 
The Spanking Solo 
There Is No Lord Up There 
They Built A Ring Road In My Garden 
This Is A Day To Forget 
We Don't Live There (Anymore) 
When The Gig Is Over (commissioned by the gogmagogs) 

with Ian Trimmer (Burlesque & Trimmer and Jenkins a.o.):

And We Love It 
CND ‘63
Cold War Romance
Elsie Petunia
Every Night You Turn Away
Fat People 
Going Dutch
Happy Hearts
Hymie Blows It
I Got Me (Babe)
I Love Parties
I've Just Had A Heart Attack 
Jazz And Poetry 
Lana Turner 
Love It To Death
One Leg Is Better Than None 
Parking Meters
Pharoah Sanders 
Steel Appeal
Space Age Blues
Take It Out On The People
Thank You Lord
The Perfect Nation 
The World Is Fantastic 
Time Are B.A.D. 
Wheelchair Dance Festival 
Where Are You? 
Where Did You Get It
Winsome Losesome
You’re The Girl I Wanna Be With (When The Bomb Goes Off)

with Roberto Bellatalla & Steve Noble (The Shakedown Club):  

1 in 4
5 am Shuffle
Alone Again
Crazy Dog
Drive Through
Flathead Social Dance
Last Stand
Never Before Never Again
Night Chant
Solid State Retro Boogie
Tender Is The Night
The Declining Use Of Reckless Grooves
Tumble Shakedown 
Wake Up

with Kit Packham (One Jump Ahead)

Cleaning Up My Act
Fried Bananas
Junk Mail
Talk, Talk, Talk
Tarmac Jack
The Big Swinging Dick
The Simple Things In Life
We Don’t Normally Work This Cheap

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Selected Solo Concerts  

Stadgarden, Cologne 24.03.88

Bochum Jazz Fest 26.03.88

Shaw Theatre, London 08.03.90

Sopron University, Hungary 14.04.92

Wiesen, Austria 18.04.92

Outside In Festival, Crawley 06.09.93

WABE Arts Centre, Berlin 17.09.94

Purcell Rooms, London 01.04.95

Nottingham Guitar Festival 25.06.95

Porgy & Bess, Vienna 17.09.95

MAC, Birmingham 05.10.95

Museum of Modern Art, Palais Lieshtenstein, Vienna 16.10.98

Wardrobe, Leeds 01.09.99

South London Gallery 23.11.00

Brecon Jazz Festival, Wales 11.08.01

Unity Theatre, Liverpool 17.05.02

RNCM, Manchester Jazz Week 27.09.02

Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham 05.05.03

Gregson Institute, Lancaster 19.09.03

Museum of Garden Design, London 05.11.04

Bowen West Theatre, Bedford 03.02.05

BANG 06, Bangor, N.Ireland 01.04.06

Glasgow Jazz Festival 01.07.07

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Selected Festivals

Windsor Free Festival 26.08.74

Reading Rock Festival 23.08.80

Blackheath Arts 16.05.81

Glastonbury 19.06.81

Druidstone, Wales 03.07.81

Elephant Fayre, Plymouth 31.07.81

Rock At The Bowl, Milton Keynes 08.08.81

Rock On The Tyne, Newcastle 30.08.81

South Wales Music Festival, Blackwood 29.05.82

Druidstone, Wales 03.07.82

Third Planet Festival, Cambridge 07.08.82

Greenwich 02.06.86

Bracknell Jazz Festival 05.07.86

Bracknell Jazz Festival 04.07.87

Wiesen, Austria 05.07.87

Bochum Jazz, Germany 26.03.88

Jazz Sous Les Pommiers, Coutances, France 13.05.88

Scene On The Green, London 26.06.88

St. Albans 15.07.88

Outside In, Crawley 02.09.88

Bradford Jazz Festival 23.09.88

Scene On The Green, London 24.06.90

Outside In, Crawley 01.09.90

Major Music, Gent, Belgium 08.02.91

Camden Jazz, London 10.03.91

Wiesen, Austria 06.07.91

Ostend Fest, Belgium 13.08.91

Outside In, Crawley 01.09.91

Major Music, Ghent, Belguim 08.12.91

Mainz, Germany 25.01.92

Camden Jazz, London 15.03.92

Tall Ships Festival, Newcastle 06.06.92

Wiesen, Austria 11.07.92

Stralsund, Germany 17.07.92

Salzburg World Music Fest, Austria 20.10.92

Montreal, Canada 07+ 08.07.93

Glasgow Jazz Festival 11.07.93

Newcastle Jazz Fest 12.07.93

Outside In, Crawley 05.09.93

Sardinia 29.12.93

Mayfest, Glasgow 12.05.94

London Jazz Festival 15.05.94

Bracknell Music Festival 03.07.94

Wiesen International Jazz Fest, Austria 09.07.94

Glasgow Jazz Fest 10.07.94

Deptford Urban Free Festival, London 30.07.94

Jazz Happening, Tampere, Finland 05.11.94

Salzburg, Austria 18.03.95

Nottingham Guitar Festival 24+25.06.95

Raahe, Finland 29.07.95

Brecon Jazz Festival 11.08.95

South Netherlands Jazz Fest, Eindhoven 22.10.95

Belfast Jazz Festival at Queens 16.11.95

Nurnburg East West, Germany  19.05.96

Wiesen, Austria 05.07.96

People's Day, Lewisham, London 13.07.96

Edinburgh Fringe Festival  20-25.08.96

Unknown Public Day, QEH, London 28.09.96

Babel Festival, BCH, London 10-12.01.97

Frankfurt, Germany 06.06.97

Brussels, Belgium 11.07.97

London Beer Fest, Olympia  09.08.97

Edinburgh Fringe Festival  14-24.08.97

Neubrandenburg, Germany 21.03.98

Friberg Jazz Fest, Germany  24.04.98

Ilmenau, Germany  25.04.98

London Beer Fest 08.08.98

Lucerne, Switzland 22.08.98

Gronigen Bicycle Fest, Holland 29.08.98

Babel Festival, London 23-25.02.99

Camden Beer Fest 26.03.99

Marsden Jazz Festival 09-10.10.99

National Music Day, Newcastle 29.05.00

Artsfest, Birmingham 10.09.00

Lancaster Jazz Festival 24.09.00

Marsden Jazz Festival 14+15.10.00

Nurnburg East West, Germany  03.11.00

Cheltenham Jazz 06.05.01

Bath International Jazz Festival 27.05.01

Brecon Jazz Festival 11.08.01

Coventry Jazz Festival 27.08.01

Artsfest, Birmingham 15.09.01

Dublin Guiness Jazz Festival 22.09.01

Cambridge Beer Festival 05.01.02

Cheltenham Jazz  06.05.02

Lewisham People's Day, London  13.07.02

Seven Dials Street Festival, London  07.09.02

Hartlepool Jazz Festival  27.10.02

Halesworth Arts Festival  02.11.02

Ear We Are, Biel, Switzerland 08.02.03

Coimbra Blues Festival, Portugal 20.03.03

Norwich Arts Festival 30.04.03

Cheltenham Jazz  05.05.03

Royal Bank Glasgow Jazz Festival  07.07.03

Lancaster Jazz Festival  19.09.03

Dublin Fringe Festival  27.09.03

FUSE 04, Leeds  5+6.03.04

MADD Fest, Faringdon, Oxon  01.05.04

Lewisham People's Day, London  10.07.04

Ealing Blues 'n' Roots Festival  24.07.04

Fonnefeesten, Lokeren, Belgium  05.08.04

Greenwich Riverfront Jazz, London  18.09.04

LMC Guitar Festival  05.11.04

Berlin Jazz Festival  07.11.04

London Jazz Festival  21.11.04

Spitz Festival of the Blues, London 19.04.05

Lewisham People's Day, London  10.07.05

Hackney Spice Festival 16.07.05

Brecon Jazz Festival 14.08.05

Greenwich Riverfront Jazz, London 23.09.05

London Jazz Festival 20.11.05

Atlantic Waves, London 23.11.05

Gateshead International Jazz Fest 18+19.03.06

Redbridge Book & Media, London 08.04.06

Cheltenham Jazz 01.05.06

Wiesen, Austria 22.07.06

London Jazz Festival 12.11.06

Gateshead International Jazz Fest 17+18.03.07

Llangollen Jazz Festival  11.05.07

Glasgow Jazz Festival 30.06 + 01.07.07

Margate Big Sky Jazz Fest 15.07.07

Edinburgh Jazz Festival 03 + 04.08.07

Edinburgh Fringe Festival  06 - 12.08.07

Belfast Festival At Queen's  01.11.07

Festival de Blues da Guarda, Portugal 13.03.08

Festival Internacional de Blues De Coimbra, Portugal 14.03.08

Jazzahead!, Bremen, Germany 20.04.08

Bath International Jazz Festival  25.05.08

Glasgow Jazz Festival 28.06.08

Cambridge Folk Festival  03.08.08

Brechin Arts Festival 14.09.08

dOeK Festival of Improvised Music, Amsterdam 20.12.08

Celtic Connections, Glasgow 17.01.09

Orkney Folk Festival 22 - 24.05.09

Brockley MAX  06.06.09

Devizes Festival Fringe  21.06.09

LaStrada Street & Puppet Festival, Graz, Austria 04 - 08.08.09

Rhythm Festival, Bedfordshire  21.08.09

Brockley MAX  05.06.10

London Jazz Festival  21.11.10

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Other Musical Activities

Guest Music Director for Large Ensemble Project, Vooruit Arts Centre, Gent, Belgium February '92.

Guest Music Director with Creative Jazz Orchestra May '93.

Guest Music Director for 'London Meets Vienna' Big Band project, Vienna September '95.

Ten day tour of Holland with THE BIZZ -  Ad Peijnenburg (baritone sax, E flat clarinet, bombarde, vocals) and Thebe Lipere (african percussion and home made junk, vocals) October 1995.

Team Captain for 'Whose Solo Is It Anyway' - music improv comedy show w. Tom Bancroft, John Rae, Tommy Smith, Claude Deppa, Laura MacDonald, Will Gaines, Joost Huis, Rick Taylor a.o. Famous Grouse House at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival '96-'97.

Composer & performer with The Gogmagogs w. Keith Tippett, Said Murad & Errolyn Wallen - 'thegogmagogs a'go-go' Purcell Room Nov. '97.

Special guest guitarist with London Electric Guitar Orchestra (LEGO) UK tour '97-'98.

Member of Tom Bancroft's award winning 'Kidsamonium' since 2006.

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Projects as sidesman

Ginger Baker

1981.Several European Tours inc. Spain, Italy, France, Austria, Yugoslavia and and Festivals inc Rennes, Rock On The Tyne, Glastonbury.

'Ginger Baker In Concert' 1987 Onsala ONS2 LP

Blue Moon In A Function Room

1990 - 96. Occasional surreal function band led by drummer Steve Argüelles.

'Blue Moon In A Function Room' 1994 Babel BDV 9402 CD

The Shakedown Club

1990 - date. Improvising trio led by drummer Steve Noble with Roberto Bellatalla (db). Performances in jazz clubs and festivals in Austria, Italy, Sardinia, Switzerland & UK inc. Arts Council of England tour '92. Sometimes improvises to films with film maker David Leister's Kino Club.

'¡Tumba La Casa!' 1990 VOTP VOCA 907 MC

'Tumble Shakedown' 1990 VOTP VOCA 911 MC

'The Shakedown Club' 1994 Babel BDV 9403 CD

Kit Packham's One Jump Ahead

1996 - 2000. Regular private and public performances with this popular (est.1984) South London jump jive blues & jazz outfit. "Packham's Gymnasium. Keeps me match fit for my own shows." 2 CD's as guitarist and producer.

'From Top To Toe' 1999 Pelican Records PEL CD 199 CD

'Jumpin' On The Bandwagon' 2001 Pelican Records PEL CD 201 CD

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As session guitarist

1981 - date. Television work for Jasper Carrot, Rory Bremner, 'Jim'll Fix It' & various children's programmes for BBC TV & Radio 4.

Jingles for Ariston, Double Decker chocolates, Taunton's Cider, Disney World, Johnson's Baby Powder, Coca Cola, MasterCard, Domino's Pizza, Persil and others.

Various bands inc. Splodgenessabounds, One The Juggler, Transglobal Underground, Alabama 3, True Life Confessions, Duchess & The Dukes, Chris Jagger's 'Atcha', Brian Irvine, Andrew Plummer's World Sanguine Report, The Equators and others.



Since 1972 has always worked sporadically doing function work, private parties, hotels, weddings, dances & social clubs in various outfits like The Jet Set, The Oxcentrics, The Jazz Angels, Home Counties Wedding Band, Honkin' Hep Cats etc.

Member of Arts Council of England Recording Subsidy panel 1992.

Member of Arts Council of England Improvised Touring panel 1993 - 98.

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Education Work

Sporadic private tutoring 1980 - date.

Lewisham F.E. College Music Course. Visiting tutor in guitar techniques 1990-96.

Royal Academy Jazz Course. Guest Lecturer Sept.'95. 

Middlesex University Music Course. Guest ensemble Big Band director March '96.

International Summeracademy Freie Kunstschule, Berlin. Ensemble Masterclasses July '97.

Moving On Music Workshops w. Andy Sheppard, Paul Clavis & Ernst Reisjeger Belfast Sept. '99.

Greenwich & Lewisham Youth Jazz Orchestra. Guest Director Feb. 2000

Pied Piper Improv. workshops N. Yorkshire March '01.

Bromley Schools Blues Projects 2001+ 2004.

NDAI, Bangor  Music Course, N.Ireland. Visting Artist Sept. 2001+ 06

Trinity College of Music. Visiting Artist and ensemble director on Jazz Faculty 2001 - 02.

Royal Academy of Music. Visiting Artist 2002 - 09.

Coleg Menai, Bangor, N.Wales. Visiting Artist, June 2007

DISTIL England December '07. Workshop leader w. Karen Wimhurst & Hossam Ramzy.

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Some thoughts

All music is music.

Labelling of music fuels divisions in society.

The drum machine plays the battle march of consumerism.

You've got to play straight to really play wonky.

It's very important to play to people who don't understand music or have rarely been exposed to proper musicians. I find it more avant-garde going nuts and bringing the house down during a straight gig than working so the so called 'avant-garde' European scene, where everybody's playing 'weird'. But if everybody's playing weird - where is the opposition?

Noise in our world is so prevalent today, it is not easy for a person to give their full attention to the sound emanating from a living musician. Unsurprising then, that for inspiration (with the skilled noise makers being drowned out), I personally find it in non musical forms, like the visual arts and sport - especially the glorious kineticism of motor sport. At least there is passion in sport. The educators have removed that from jazz - supposedly the one true art form for creativity and expression. We need creators - not curators.

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Own Radio Shows

Devised, researched, presented, engineered and produced sixteen live one hour shows entitled 'Richard Ward's Reward' for Resonance 107.3FM, a 28 day radio art and music station broadcasting from the Royal Festival Hall across central London as part of John Peel's Meltdown 98. The station was on air from 9th June - 5th July 1998.

Devised, researched, presented, and produced 48 live two hour weekly shows entitled 'One Way Single Parent Family Favourites' for Resonance 104.4FM from May 2002 to May '03.

Guests interviewed by Billy included:

Musicians Steve Arguelles, Caroline Kraabel, Steve Noble, Sharon Gal, 
Steve Beresford, Paul Hood, Charles Hayward, Gail Brand, Dylan Bates, Viv Corringham, Charlie Hart, Hamish Birchall, Sarah Washington, Dave Ramm & Ashley Slater

Composers Errolyn Wallen, Knut Aufermann
Singer and BBC R3 presenter Claire Martin 
Berlin arts administrator Wolf-Peter Stiftel 
Urban cultural consultant Elaine Wood 
Comedians Stewart Lee, Simon Munnery - The League Against Tedium 
& musical comedian Steve Gribbin

Theatre director Lucy Bailey 
Art inventor Simon Thackray
Guardian writer John L. Walters 
Rock journalist & BBC R2 presenter David Quantick 

The Man With The World's Worst Record Collection - Pete Sargeant.
Musician's Union General Secretary candidate Chris Hodgkins
Film maker David Leister
Novelist Mel Wright
Music Enthusiast Phil Saward

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Selected Radio & TV interviews and sessions

24.08.76 In Concert Radio Bavaria

26.08.76 News Bavaria TV3

21.03.77 Plattenküche WDR TV

29.08.77 Piep Ponskaat Show Netherlands Radio

23.12.77 Track Record Radio London

06.06.80 Today BBC R4

05.06.81 London Live LBC Radio

07.06.81 World This Weekend BBC R4

16.06.81 Nationwide BBC TV1

16.06.81 Newsbeat BBC R1

13.11.81 London Tonight Capital Radio

02.08.82 Newsbeat BBC R1

11.08.83 Book 'Em And Risk It CH4 TV

04.11.83 Thank God It's Friday Capital Radio

29.10.84 Round Midnight BBC R2

03.11.84 Saturday Live BBC R1

04.05.85 Saturday Live BBC R1

21.11.85 The Way It Is Capital Radio

23.11.85 A.M. LBC Radio

02.03.90 London Tonight LWT TV

24.03.91 Steve Allen Show LBC Radio

15.04.92 Jazz Programme Radio ORF Austria

17.04.92 Whats On In Wien Blue Danube Radio Vienna

24.05.92 Jazz Show BBC Radio Northern Network

11.07.92 Jazz Programme Radio ORF Austria

01.02.93 Mixing It BBC R3

03.03.95 The Arts Programme BBC R2

06.08.95 Mark Lamaar Show GLR

15.09.95 JazzProgramme Radio ORF Austria

16.09.95 Arts programme Blue Danube Radio, Vienna

28.02.96 David Freeman Show Jazz FM

19.05.96 In Concert Radio Bavaria

24.05.96 Alive In London Virgin Radio

25.06.96 Striking Chords BBC R4

22.08.96 Usual Suspects BBC Radio Scotland

19.10.96 Jazz On 3 BBC R3

06.06.97 In Concert HR3 TV Frankfurt

24.09.97 Afternoon Shift BBC R4

06.10.97 Jazzamatazz BBC World Service

01.04.98 Jazz 606 BBC TV2

11.05.98 Mixing It BBC R3

31.10.98 Jazz On 3 BBC R3

03.04.99 Loose Ends BBC R4

25.03.00 Jazz On 3 BBC R3

29.05.00 National Music Day BBC Radio Newcastle

29.05.00 National Music Day BBC TV Northern Network

27.01.01 Mixing It BBC R3

17.03.01 Entertainment Zone BBC London Live Radio

27.07.01 Mel & Sue Show BBC London Live Radio

18.08.01 Paul Jones Show Jazz FM

20.11.01 Front Row BBC R4

22.11.01 Look North BBC TV 1

26.01.02 Mel & Sue Show BBC London Live Radio

03.08.02 Loose Ends BBC R4

11.08.02 Mel & Sue Show BBC London Live Radio

30.04.03 Tony Merrion BBC Radio Norfolk

08.07.03  When Celebrities Attract SKY One TV

07.10.04  Dales Diary  Tyne Tees/Yorkshire TV

20.11.04  Jazz Line Up BBC R3

08.01.05 Berlin Jazz Fest concert kulturradio des RBB Berlin

12.03.05  Jazz Line Up BBC R3

10.05.05  Billy Jenkins Special Eikellegimaa Vikkerraadio Estonia

09.06.05 Jules & Julia Shed Special BBC Radio York

01.07.05  The Late Show BBC Radio London

16.11.05  The Late Show BBC Radio London

06.10.06  Jazz on 3  BBC R3

14.07.07 Jazz Line Up BBC R3

15.09.07  theJazz Jury   theJazz DAB Digital Radio

15-26.10.07 Jazz/World & Blues Show   MusFlash TV

01.11.07  Alan Simpson Show  BBC Radio Ulster

24.02.10  Midweek BBC R4

03.05.10  Robert Elms Show BBC Radio London

10.05.10 Jazz on 3 BBC R3 

30.1.11  Jazz Line Up BBC R3

25.4.11  Arthur Smith's Balham Bash  BBC R4 Extra

25.5.11  Arthur Smith's Balham Bash  BBC R4

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Selected Interviews & Features

Philip England
'The War Of Jenkins' Ears'
The Independent 8.1.88

Mark Sinker
'The War Of Jenkins' Ear'
Wire Magazine issue 49 Mar. '88 pp.28-30

Ken Worpole
'Boiling Billy'
Marxism Today Nov. '90 p.35

Chris Parker
'The Voice Of Billy Jenkins'
Jazz Forum #362026 3-4/92 (June-Aug) pp.14-15

Phil Watson
Invisible Jukebox
Wire Magazine issue 105 Nov.'92 pp.42,43,73.

Stephen Graham
'The Voice Of God Has Spoken'
Jazz Express issue 147 Nov.'92 p.17

Keith Bruce
'Promise Of A Fiery Finish To Jazz Festival'.
Glasgow Herald 8.7.93

Stephen Graham
'Smoochy, Ersatz, Repetitious'
The Independent 15.3.96 p.10 Section Two

Dave Gelly
'Hit Records? That's The Last Thing A Proper Musician Wants'.
The Observer 12.1.97. p.13. Review section

Lisa Gee
'Get Rid Of The Goatee'
The Guardian 25.7.97 p.23

Stephen Graham
'Seconds Out'
JazzWise issue 5 Sept.'97 p.20

Stewart Lee
'Covering His Tracks'
Sunday Times 31.5.98 pp.11-12 Culture Section

Richard Cook
'Bromley Blues'
New Statesman 31.1.2000 pp.45-46

Ronald Atkins
'Born Again Blueser'
Jazz UK Issue 31 Jan/Feb 2000 pp.front cover, 6-7

Trevor Hodgett
'Billy's Blues'
Blueprint Issue 32/Vol 2 Feb.2000 pp. 8-11

Rick Batey
'Dangerous Manoeuvres'
Guitar Christmas 2000 pp. 48-51

Mark Gilbert
'The Test'
Jazz Review July 2002 pp.14-15

Mark Walker
'Welcome To The Machine'
Rhythm  August 2002 pp 20-22

Pete Sargeant
'Rolling The Dice'
Blues Matters  Issue 10 Sept/Oct 2002 pp. 26-28

Iain Ballamy
'In The Saxophonist's Chair'
Jazz UK Issue 48 Nov/Dec 2002  p.20

Zoe Walker
'Buffing Up His Blues Suede Shoes'
South London Press 13.05.05 The Pulse p.7

Michael Heatley
'Crown Green Blues
Guitar & Bass August 2005  pp 70-71

Mike Flynn
'Bowled Over'
Jazzwise  October 2007 p.9

Marcus O'Dair
'Rev Billy Still Got The Jack 32 Albums In'
Stool Pigeon   October 2007

Mike Flynn
'You've Gotta Bowl With It'
Time Out  03.10.07  p.98

Zoe Walker
'Bowled Over By The Blues'
South London Press  26.10.07  The Pulse pp 4-5

Trevor Hodgett
'Hard Graft Playing Subversive Blues'
The Irish News 30.10.07  p.21

Phil Crossey
'Jazz Genius Merged With Absolute Lunacy'
Belfast News Letter 01.11.07  p.46

Iain Ballamy
'In The Saxophonist's Chair'
Jazz UK Issue 91Feb/Mar 2010  p.35 

Keith Bruce
'Jazz is a verb for versatile Mr Jenkins...'
Glasgow Herald  08.04.10

MIke Hobart
'Billy Jenkins' Suburban Blues'
Financial Times 'Life & Arts'  13.11.10  p.9

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