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Billy Jenkins


Including Billy's Music & Business Buddies!
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The Billy Jenkins Webzine

Almost All You Need To Know About Billy Jenkins is here! Scratching the surface of over 50 years of music making! 

Key interviews over the years - including the full wonderfully mad 16,000 word transcript by painter, musician and writer Max Jay in discussion with Billy in the spring of 2004. Blues Collective 'lookalikes'. Trivia, in depth discussion, open forums, history, over 140 barking 'Who Is He Like?', web cross references, BJ links and much more.

A semi-locked site, lovingly assembled by Ian Bolton, with lots to see and enjoy!

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The site of the CD or the CD of the site?
A locked archive site but one which has excellent in depth interviews with members of the Blues Collective, photographs, reviews, a full band biography and all Billy's blues lyrics!

If you want Billy's blues  - this site has 'em.

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Beowulf Mayfield

For the 2016-17 'Billy@60' campaign, photographer, writer and podcaster Beowulf Mayfield was commissioned to document Billy's work.

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The Babel Label

Companion label to VOTP, the Babel Label was formed, with Billy's encouragement in 1994 by Oliver Weindling. Since then, they have released over 70 CD's documenting innovative and creative musicans - many of whom have worked with Mr Jenkins.

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Helmut Riedl's Music On Photo

Helmut lives near Wiesen in Austria and has been photographing Billy since 1987. His huge BJ portfolio captures some classic and curious events. He also has photographs of Billy's many musical associates.

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Espresso Animation

Home of the wonderful people who have made the Blues Al Fresco DVD. Animation is their normal business, but you can find out more about the making of the film and view stills and clips here. 

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Resonance 104.4FM

Broadcasting in London and worldwide on the web, this unique radio station is, to quote the New York's Village Voice 'the best radio station in the world'.

Billy J was one of the station's original presenters. During 2002/3 He created and  broadcast over 40 two hour Sunday lunchtime shows called 'One Way Single Parent Family Favourites'.

No matter what time you tune in, there's always something to enjoy, irritate or inspire.

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The Shed

Since 1992, photographer, sculptor, painter and inspirational arts inventor Simon Thackray has been inviting creative performers to a tiny room in North Yorkshire. BJ hates travelling, yet he was there in a flash when invited. Find out why. You can listen to Billy talking and playing with Snake Davis in the second hour of the Shed's Teenage Radio Party live on BBC Radio York.

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Humanists UK

Provides support for people who seek to live a good life without religion. Trains and accredits humanist celebrants and officiants for non religious funerals, weddings and namings.

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Billy's Music & Business Buddies

Ben Watson - writer, critic, philosopher & Billy listener
Blues In Britain - monthly UK blues magazine
Blues Matters! - bi-monthly UK blues magazine
Brian Irvine - the happening jazz composer, bandleader & performer
David Sinclair Jazz Photography - contains a great Billy portfolio
Freethinker - monthly secular humanist magazine
FTP.com -  This site is uploaded thanks to these very nice people 
Fun Horns of Berlin - crazy guys, great musicians
Golddust Studios - Bromley recording studios and CD duplication
Janey Lee Grace - broadcaster, singer and Imperfectly Natural guru
Jazz Quotations - Justin Steffman's juicy quote site
Jazzwise Magazine - leading UK monthly publication
Jeff Scott - artistry in motorcycle speedway writing  Read and be hooked!
Mark Lockheart - big boots VOGC tenor saxophone and much more
Mark Somers - Archo Antwerp guitar terrorist & Rottenond Productions
Martin Speake - great saxophonist featured on 'Entertainment USA'
Matthew Bourne - pianist, composer, forward thinker
Maxwell Jay - blog of writer, painter & musician Maxwell Jay
Rainer Brennecke - beautiful trumpet from Berlin & the world!
Rupert Loydell  - poet, painter, polemic
Sam Vloemans - Antwerp trumpet maestro, composer, arranger & more
Serif.net- mine host for this site & superb web management
Statcounter.com - superb web count used by this site
Steve Morrison - the 'Here Is The Blues' blues guitar maestro

Stewart Lee - writer, comedian and Billy fan
Stuart Howitt - superb soundman and full production services
The Legendary Tiger Man - visionary Portugese bluesman
Tony Bartholomew Photography - has a large Billy portfolio inc. 'HAT'.
Vortex Jazz Club - London's 'listening jazz venue'


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