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Brilliant music


If you are a bandleader, a music teacher, run a jazz band workshop or lead a music ensemble – why not consider playing the music of Billy Jenkins?

As performed by the Arthur Lea Trio, Pigfoot, the Nathaniel Facey Quartet, Royal Academy of Music Jazz Ensembles, International Berlin Summeracademy Freie Kunstschule, Middlesex University Big Band, The Creative Jazz Orchestra, Greenwich & Lewisham Youth Jazz Orchestra, The BBC Big Band and others…

Chris Batchelor

Hear trumpet player, bandleader & teacher Chris Batchelor discussing playing Billy Music on Episode 6/Series 4 of the Billy Jenkins Listening Club.


It’s joyous, easy to play, thought provoking, foot tapping music for all ages to enjoy! Encourages improvisation!
And you can make it as complicated as you wish….!
The music is suitable for solo up to 8 to 12 musicians. Playable by all abilities!


By contacting the Billy Office. We will send you copies of the original hand written charts in concert, Bb or Eb (depending on the composition), or copies of lyrics should you wish to sing a blues or two…..

The Billy Office will be on hand via email or telephone to offer support and to ensure everything is running and sounding as you hoped…..
The composer himself will not be able to attend any rehearsals or performances.

Does it cost?

No, it doesn’t have to. Billy is happy to share the joy.
But if you perform it in public you will hopefully submit a PRS Live Performance form.
However, if you are not financially challenged or there is a profit from a performance,
the composer will always happily accept a voluntary donation…..

I’m interested – what do I do?

Make an initial approach to the Billy Office by manually typing


Just some of Billy’s instrumental music titles….

An Empty River ● Arrival of the Tourists ● Barcelona ● Benidorm Motorway Services ● Bhopal ● Big Fights! ● Bilbao/St. Columbus Day ● Black Magic ● Blue Broadway ● Brilliant ●Charles Manson ● Commerciality ● Commuting ●Cooking Oil ● Council Offices ● Country and Western ● Cuttlefish ● Dancing In Ornette Coleman’s Head ● Deptford Market ● Discoboats At 2 o’Clock ● Donkey Droppings ● Doris Day ● Dreadnought Seaman’s Hospital ● Dressing Up For Church ● Exodus From Bromley ● Expensive Equipment ● Fat People ● Get The Poison Out ● Girl Getting Knocked Over ● Greenwich One Way System ● Growing Up In Bromley ● Heavy Metal ● High Street/Part Pedestrianised  ● High Street/Saturday ● Johnny Cash ● Land Of The Free ● McDonalds ● Monkey Men ● Motorway At Night ● Oliver North ● Parking Meters ● Pharoah Sanders  ● Rock and Roll ● Ronald Reagan  ● Rope  ● Sade's Lips  ●  The Blues  ● The Drum Machine Plays The Battlemarch Of Consumerism (Music For Six Drumkits) ● The Perfect Lawn  ● The Rust On The Screws Of The Churchill Theatre  ● They Built A Ring Road In My Garden ●

Just some of Billy’s vocal blues titles….

Ain't Gonna Sing And Play No Jazz No More ● Badlands ● Blues Is Calling Me ● Cliff Richard Spoke To Me ● Come Round And See Me ● Down In The Deep Freeze ● Every Night You Turn Away ● Everything’s Too Fast ●First Day In Hell ● First Time The Earth Shook ● Get The Poison Out
● Gonna Throw Them Blues In The Recycling Bin ● Goodbye Blues ● I Ain’t Going Yet ● I Am A Man From Lewisham ● I Don't Want Another Night Like That ● I Felt So Guilty ●I Hate Dogs ● I Like Rain
● I Love Your Smell ● I’m Happy ● I’m On A Island ● I’m Staying In The Car ● I’m Stuck On You ● I Took A Walk ● I Want My Tea ● Jazz Had A Baby (and they called it avant garde) ● Like John Lee Said
● Looking For Mr Happy ● My Waters Run Clear ● Pissed Off Boy ● Pointless Adornments  ● Resting On My Bed Of Blues ● sadtimes.co.uk ● The Duke And Me ●The Tide Is Out ● This Is A Day To Forget
● This Room ● When Money’s Really Tight ● When The Parents Come To Stay ● Where Did I Stay Last Night? ● White Van Man


Many of these tunes can be heard online via Billy's own bandcamp, Spotify, YouTube or other popular digital music sources.

Much can be found online by simply googling Billy Jenkins....


    'Billy Jenkins's music sounds better the more you listen to it. His garrulous, assiduously planned arrangements
are an inspiring assault on snobbery and mystification.

His musicians (and he has managed to collect some of the best) have no choice but to play
more attentively, more spikely - better.'  


Ben Watson / The Wire



American readers will be baffled by him; but he is, along with the Princess Royal and Walthamstow
dog stadium, one of our national treasures.' 

 Penguin Guide To Jazz On CD (5th Ed)



'Billy Jenkins has the priceless ability to merge serious music-making with absolute lunacy, and make
the one feed off the creative energy of the other'. 


Kenny Mathieson The Scotsman



    "Jenkins as tone poet. The aural imagery is magnificent. All questions about the guitarist's seriousness (in the sense of viability) as a musician are settled by 'Greenwich,' which remains one of the most distinctive British jazz albums of the 1980’s.    * * * * 

The Penguin Guide to Jazz on Record. (2nd Ed)


   'There is a kind of genius on our doorstep. Don't let him die in poverty.'  
Stewart Lee /
Q Magazine



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